Dewey’s readathon mini challenge – crossword puzzle

Dewey’s Crossword puzzle PDF

Dewey’s Crossword Puzzle Word Doc

Hey Everyone! I hope your reading is going well! For this challenge I have created a fun crossword puzzle all about literature. Leave a reply down below when you’ve completed it! You can upload a picture of the answers to twitter using #readathonpuzzle ๐Ÿ™‚ but I trust when you said you completed it! A winner will be chosen at random at hour 10.

I’m so sorry, 5 Across is missing! It’s “A type of genre”. I’ve just noticed another error (I’m so sorry). For 11 across, I accidentally added a “K” at the end of the word gahhh! Also where 9 and 10 intersect there was a mistake. Should be a D for 10 and an N for 9. Thanks for powering through my mistakes! You guys are awesome!


Congratsย Kaitlynn Welsch for winning!

112 thoughts on “Dewey’s readathon mini challenge – crossword puzzle

  1. I finished! You might want to warn that there are a few glitches, as I thought I was just wrong and spent about ten minutes trying to find another English Christmas story author whose name had one more letter in it. It was lots of fun and I’m usually terrible at crossword puzzles. Thank you!

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  2. Finished! I’m so glad I came back and checked the page and saw about the glitches, because I was starting to get really creative with my possible answers. Lol Also, thank you, because I have now looked up a couple of series that I didn’t know, and thus learned something new. And learning new things is what Tiggers love best!

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  3. Done! Thanks for a great challenge. I love puzzles of any kind. It’s fun to have some mini-challenges that require a little brain power and (for me) Googling. I don’t read much YA so some of these were tough for me, but I learned something. Thanks again.

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